2021 Open Studios – Work on Display


24″ x 24″
Encaustic on wood panel
Full price: $5,000
Open Studios Discount: $4,000
**additional discounts available when purchasing 3 or more paintings together

Purchases can be made using check or Venmo.

My painting practice explores the patterns, landmarks, and symbols that we use as visual markers to catalog experience of place. Drawing imagery from a wide range of source material–such as the view from a hotel room or moving car, collected objects, and textiles–the paintings use varying degrees of abstraction to suggest fleeting impressions from observation and from memory, creating unexpected connections between places near and far. The paintings may be shown as standalone works or grouped together in site-specific grid installations (as shown above). My most recent body of work contains references to scenes from New York City, Japan, South Korea, and India.

Game Board Drawings

10″ X 10″
Pencil, marker, silver, and beeswax on paper
Full price: $250
Open Studios Discount: $200
Purchases can be made using check or Venmo.

The GAME BOARD drawings are a series of variations on a compositional schema inspired by the game Parcheesi. By responding to the limitations of this cross-shaped rubric, I create an endless series of unique works that take on organic forms to grow and shift about the axis of the composition. Viewed in large grid installations, the series creates an undulating, rhythmic experience that invites the viewer to notice similarities and differences in form, coloration and reflectivity.

Sewn Drawings

Approx. 20.5″ x 7″
Encaustic and embroidery thread on kitakata paper
Full price: $1,200
Open Studios Discount: $960
Purchases can be made using check or Venmo.

WAX PAPER THREAD is a series of sewn drawings and digital prints informed by my long history working in encaustic, a beeswax-based paint. While I typically use a variety of techniques to control the behavior of the wax in my painting practice, these new works on paper relinquish some of that control, embracing and taking direction from the spontaneity of the medium in its molten state. To make these pieces, I encourage the wax to run and mix on a heated palette, then lift the paint with a sheet of paper to create a monoprint. Drawing with thread is a way to respond to the materiality of the wax-coated paper and examine the behavior of the paint.

Digital Prints

20″ x 20″
Full price: $900
Open Studios Discount: $720
Purchases can be made using check or Venmo.

The digital prints in WAX PAPER THREAD are made by scanning and enlarging the sewn drawings, which allows a different kind of viewing and reveals new details about how the paint pooled, merged, and mixed in its fluid state.

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